Salamat Kuya Ed

Hi Hector

Clicked the link to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and lifting the quote from Salud Algabre. But as Ka Carling said, dapat matuto sa bawat hakbang. Sabi nga sa laws of lifetime growth "Make your learning greater than your experience."

For quite a while now I have been looking for a blog or a cyber community where people into development work can exchange views and tools. With your decade of involvement in development work, you may want to start one.

-- Ed dela Torre

MARAMING SALAMAT sa mahalagang pamamahagi mo Kuya Ed, I was fascinated by your proposition to come up with a cyber mouthpiece that provide information exchange on community development work. Your quest is somewhat reflective to focus on. I go with your beneficial idea to start one and I’m beginning to get something done with my advocacy blog mindanaokini -- make yourself look through the site.

Hopefully, by 2008 more posting will take effect about development work related to Barangay Good Governance, Community Economics, and Spiritual Ecology. These are the main focus subject matter, which I think can make our learning curve greater than our experience.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is a very good read as well. We bloggers must be tools for change. We must try to get the message across and we must keep on trying to open the minds of those who are still in their apathetic slumber.

    I linked you, I hope you don't mind.