Electric Cooperative: No to conversion

"You must have a flaming moral purpose so that greed, oppression and exploitation shrivel before the fire in you"
-- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

BIG FISH EAT SMALL FISH is the economic philosophy of the aggressive capitalists who bloat themselves sucking the lifeblood of the majority poor consumers.
no to conversion
The electric power industry reform act of 2001 (R.A. 9136) which is known as EPIRA law provided the opportunity for private capitalists to acquire ownership base of the electric industry sectors, such as the power generation, transmission and distribution utility.

This salient feature of EPIRA law had paved the way for private business greater participation in the management and operation of the electric power distribution utility. This mandate is called upon by the national government pushing for privatization of the acquired assets of the rural electrification program thru conversion of the electric cooperative.

The call for conversion of electric cooperative, shifting from service-oriented to profit-oriented industry will only increase deprivation of member-consumers economic growth in the rural areas and encourage widespread poverty as well as monopoly of electric power resources. This profit motivation of the conversion movement is counter-productive to develop the economic potential of the rural areas. This is a ploy of the capitalist’s vested interest to destabilized missionary mandate of the rural electrification program.

Hence, the Proutist Mindanao Economic Forum believe that the potentiality of power industry resources should be progressively utilize and managed in a system of no-profit and no-loss policy in order to maintain balance and vitality of the local economy in the region. This principle of balanced economy will surely advance decentralization and democratization of benefits to everybody.

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  1. And this is another oppressing step for the Masang Pilipino....

  2. Thank you for putting forward the basic argument against conversion of electric coops which will shift their orientation from their mission of rural electrification.

    Sayang that we didn't meet at GenSan. But there will be other visits, and I will seek you out so we can exchange our ideas and experiences on development.

  3. Everything has is leading pockets of Monopolies that continue to burden the people. Instead of creating competition, privatization has led to cartels. Our leaders are making a killing at our expense.