Discernment and hope of revolution

In the past few days after the Manila Peninsula uprising, I was busy browsing the net to collect further info and viewpoint from several websites and bloggers about the Makati crisis drama.

I've read about how Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was indicted as cause damage on the economy when his comrade patriotic soldiers took over the Manila Peninsula hotel last November 29 and demanded the resignation of President Arroyo.

Sassy Lawyer and Severino's Sidetrip perceive the Makati crisis is a waste of time for them... :-(

I was shake-up and feeling dismayed to some of the media reactions... and from the middle class in Metro Manila (who joined the EDSA 1 & 2 revolt) --- they dislike change the way Senator Trillanes and his group call for.

These middle class privileged of Metro Manila are now weary of EDSA experiences. Their collective psychology is resting in a comfort zone to wait for the 2010 presidential election. After all, what they fear much about at press time is the drop of dollar exchange, and not the epidemic of bribery and corruption of government leadership.

Despite of this mess and sneering judgment I've come across, luckily there is a good butterfly I bump into who brings hope for the flowers...

Edicio dela Torre from his memory was able to express optimism:
"No uprising ever fails. Each one is a step in the right direction." :-)

Peninsula Hotel Crisis
Photo Credit by AP and Getty Images

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  1. Hi Hector
    Clicked the link to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and lifting the quote from Salud Algabre. But as Ka Carling said, dapat matuto sa sa bawat hakbang. Sabi nga sa laws of lifetime growth "Make your learning greater than your experience."

    For quite a while now I have been looking for a blog or a cyber community where people into development work can exchange views and tools. With your decade of involvement in development work, you may want to start one.
    Ed dela Torre

  2. Hi Hector. I was pleased to come across your blog this Christmas Eve as I saw your Twitter about Dadiangas.

    I too was dismayed by much of the reaction from the middle class in Manila re Manila Pen and I too was refreshed by Kuya Ed's statement.

    I read with interest about your experience and your interest in advocacy work, just as I was recently struck with Walter Balante's passionate post about why he's doing what he's now doing in Malaybalay.

    I would look forward to chatting one of these days with you, Ed, and Walter, and others working toward similar objectives here in Mindanao.