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A Wise Moro Is A Good Moro

IF YOU search the word Moroism or Morology using the Blackle powered by Google Custom Search, you will noticed the first link to emerge in your browser, is the sites and blogs of Moslemen M. Macarambon Jr. (a.k.a Jun) who is the Webmaster of the and the buff blogger of the Wyzemoro Blogs.

Wyzemoro BlogsActually, it was Jun who tickles my inquisitive mind to study his blog. One thing for sure, he never ask for it, I was the one who smell the niche what subject to focus on, the moment I read his posting about my comment on MOROISM which gratify his awareness.

I don’t know about Jun personally nor I’ve come across with him to chat. But I do enjoy a good times reading his blog in between the lines. What catch really my attention for the first time I hopped into the Wyzemoro – is his blog banner heading with a kicker saying:

I’m NOT a Filipino, i’m a Proud Moro and these are my confessions, rants, reviews and reflections

At present, the Wyzemoro blog is using the WordPress platform. It has a good colors combination to reach the guest feel cool and relax. The design layout is so simple, and yet elegant to look at. All of the categories are well displayed at the right sidebar and it is easy to navigate. The blogger himself used the English form as his universal language -- in a vernacular style that is clearly to follow and sometimes he does street language reporting to get right away the message.

As to the blog content and focus, the Wyzemoro is too intense with advocacy, but the blogger himself try to balance it with some recency posting like IT (interesting topics). Indeed, this blog has many relevance issues to talk about Mindanao perspectives. There are many voices from the communities: the Moro heart roots -– their self-identity, their revealing socio-cultural sentiments, their passionate quest for peace, and their predicament in recognition as a sovereignty (the Bangsamoro) -- is what evident to be described as Moroism. They are the untold stories of Mindanao in the mainstream media.

The Wyzemoro is a valid expression of Jun’s outlook. I regard him as a proud peace advocate. He is a good lover who romanticized the classic Moro struggle, which I think inspired him to open a window for advocacy in the borderless world.

Salam alaikum!

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  1. Im happy that i was able to introduce to u somebody is worth knowing. she's one hell of a pinay. u have to meet her and surely, she will floor u without being mean. lol

    thanks for the drop. btw, do we know each other? i find the "kumusta na ba?" thing so intimate as if we know each other, sir.

  2. i 2nd d motion..

    he's exceptional...

  3. Got ur link from Mindanaobloggers!