I'm joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit!

This entry is part of the the requirement as per advice of the covenor to post here in this blog my willingness to join the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit this coming October 27, 2007 at Davao City.

See you guys, mga bloggers, mga gwapa ug gwapo at the summit…

BTW, to our convenor "The Usual Suspects" .. please include some good vegetarian food for the summit party…


Hecky :-)

1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit
27 October 2007, Davao City

Councilor Peter Laviña
Davao's Food Huntress
Lane Systems

Have thoughts to share? Write your response…


  1. Hello. Bloghopping from Cantilangnon blog. You've got a nice blog and would like to link you up on my 3 blogs. :) Good Day!

  2. Naks, parang d ko ata kayang sumali sa blogger's summit. ala ako masyadung alam e.

  3. Kuya Hector, see you at the summit! thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading your posts, also. they are good read. I am thinking of reviewing your blog for the summit. hehe.

    tagaKoronadal ako. diin ka sa South CotabatO?

    geh... God bless!

  4. namaskar! Mark
    likewise thank you for the visit into my blog..

    that would be nice to note about your plan to review my blog..

    i'm here in Gensan with my family

    God bliss! kapatid

  5. @Hecky -- thanks for this post! Will keep you updated :)

    @grace_of_angels88 -- Mas maganda nga na mag-attend ka, para mas marami kang malaman about blogging! :)