El Presidente: Digong beyond expectations

El Presidente: Digong beyond expectations

(First Part of the Series)

Sa umpisa pa lang ng election crusade, ang nasa isip ko habang pinapanood sya sa Facebook, I said to myself, the old man Digong would be president and will be the father of this great nation who can make a narrative beyond my imagination. Yung dating ng kanyang charisma to the public is similar to a soap opera, he is a celebrity put on show with a distinctive role play in political theatre. His action is akin to ordinary people that personify the aguish of hardship, anti-establishment, dissatisfaction, and thirsty of well-off life. Digong make-up is a contrast to a stereotype figure head of a national leader epitomize as being “disente”— yung tipong: scripted mouth with expert rhetoric’s. Digong personality is the image of a bad boy with a good heart. He is a “karaniwang tao” on the rostrum TV show of popular democracy.

(Duterte Cayetano Miting De Avance Opening At QuiriƱo Grandstand Luneta Manila)

TAPANG AT MALASAKIT PARA SA TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO: This is the battle cry of the people at the back stage drama ng totoong buhay – who come together and campaign Digong to become the president. Their slogan: CHANGE IS COMING – carry a message of hope that inspired other individuals (young and old) to join in the marketplace protest movement calling for change.

The notion of lack of funding, political machinery and nationwide media exposure was not a difficulty anymore in the long run drive for Duterte ticket. The people who volunteered themselves provided the necessary means to bring their icon DU30 into the mainstream – these people behind are the self-organized group of artists, writers, social media warriors, blog enthusiasts, academic professionals, public utility workers, market vendors, farmers, OFWs, LGBT, NGO activists, entrepreneurs, local politicians, religious ministers, self-employed workers, green advocates, rebel leaders, silent majority employees in the government, youth and student a-like, household nanny, etc. These people in the grassroots movement are branded as “Dutertads” – mga bobotanten panatiko – a negative connotation named by the opponents.

Despite the fact of off-putting their character, the Dutertad spirit metamorphose into a pigeonhole romance that is so pleased and in-love para sa tunay na pagbabago.

The opponent anecdotal bashing statement was abortive. The dutertad grow in numbers like butterflies – the hope of the flowers.

Now, the Digong destination and the maker is ready for THE PRESIDENT. šŸ‘Š

(To be continued... next will be Digong Paradigm Shift: from Hyperbole to Doable)

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