Synthesis of our collective life

Today there are too many obstacles on the path of peace in Mindanao. Many ordinary people (the toiling mass) at the streets are busy finding ways on how they can survive to have a decent living… while on the other side, the intellectual elites at a very comfortable air-condition room are busy on their debates about separatism of nation states. This is the irony of our society being dominated by what they called themselves as revolutionaries, reformists, nationalists, activists, peace advocates, etc.

Muslim and Christian workers share a seat as they take their lunch on a roadside eatery in Cotabato City. -- Rommel Rebollido's Photostream

Our Mindanao society requires a true sense of civic dialogue that will make provisions to ensure an increase in the living standard of every individual. Minimum necessities must be provided to every individual. This should be the synthesis of our collective life, our battle cry for self-determination.

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