Capitalizing peace of the Moros

Nobody dare to stop you if you wish to call yourself a Moro or whatever name you want to label your own identity as long as you don’t use means of violence to perpetuate your myopic agenda.
The call for peace between the GRP-MILF is an act of double standards. Their policy is: “Preach the gospels of peace but keep your gun powder dry.”

The path to peace in Mindanao is not with the GRP-MILF agreement. We know the fact, that both sides are not trustworthy in their dealings and leadership…

The truth is, the MILF leaders and their politicians are capitalizing the Moro peace advocates for the ancestral domain claims. They (the MILF combatants) are turning into mass murderers attacking grassroots communities mercilessly killing innocent men, women and children. Their desperate movement is creating social disaster and counterproductive to the Bangsamoro socio-sentiment.

We must be aware of them – who preach the gospels of peace, while they sharpen the weapons of war behind people’s backs.

We must understand that Peace is a result of fight… it is a fight against those immoral forces that disturbed peace.

Hence, let us call on the local people to be vigilant nowadays to fight against these evil forces. The MILF are pseudo-revolutionaries, they claim to be Muslim but do not follow the true teaching of Islam. They are most likely the relatives of the Abu Sayyaf mercenaries. They pretent to be die-hard follower of Islam shouting for Jihad, but in their hearts they crave for power, fame and money. Their gospels of peace do not fit into their mouths. Let them raise the slogans, Madness Insane Life Forever (MILF)!

Salam kapatid!

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