2008 Emerging influential blogs

THIS IS NOT ABOUT PRODUCT endorsement, I just like to participate in the ranking game organized by Janette Toral in her writing project: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog in 2008.

Without much delay, here are my top 10 preferences:

1. http://www.gensantos.com - The Bariles Republic of Avel Manansala
Bariles Republic
2. http://ariellalisan.org - Ariel Lalisan
3. http://jlozada.com - Jun Lozada
4. http://www.davaodeli.com - Blogie Robillo
5. http://edicio.wordpress.com - Edicio dela Torre
6. http://bongsarmiento.com - Bong Sarmiento
7. http://cecilemaris.com - Cecile Maris Gonzalo
8. http://eeportal.com - Edwin Espejo
9. http://bensumogoy.wordpress.com - Ben Sumogoy
10. http://lessonko.ws - Paulo Villar

don’t you see I’m busy?
Sorry for these guys here below they’re disqualified, thus I had to modify my preferences. But any rate, just for the record, they are excellent influential blogs, next time mga kapatid.

http://www.batangyagit.com - the Batang Yagit of Winston Almendras
http://www.aethen.com - the Stolen Child of Mark Aethen Agana
http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com - Concepts of Jehzeel Laurente
http://www.guitarchic.net - the Guitarchic of Rhiza Sanchez
http://wellwhatever.com - A Walk To Ever After of Liz Buenaflor
http://www.mindanaokini.co.cc - the MINDANAOKINI yours truly

Have thoughts to share? Write your response…


  1. Manoy,

    daghang salamat! sulong soccsksargen!



  2. wow. thanks po. :)

    pero i don't think i qualify for the nomination. hehehe... :)

    but thanks po uli. :)

  3. Salamat po, kuya hecky but like winston i don't think i qualify for the nomination.

    Padayon, SOCCSargen Bloggers!

  4. Please do check out http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com if it deserves to complete your list. Thanks!

  5. thanks for nominating kahit hindi ako qualified :D last year din hindi ako qualified.. haha :D pati si winston and aethen disqualified.. T_T

  6. @bariles Manoy Avel daw ikaw na sine ang mag-top sa Gensan Most Influential Blog. :)

  7. @jehzeel, hindi baling hindi ka qualified.., anyway ako din disqualified.. so I think this is fair enough to nominate the most disqualified.. he he he :)

  8. tenks po. nadagdagan pila ka-metros and radius sang akon nga circle of influence. tenks po.

  9. Hello. The following blogs started before July 2007:


    My first impression of BatangYagit.com - a continuation of http://yagitnabata.blogspot.com
    please advise if not.

  10. Kuya Hecky,

    Thanks for considering my blog to be in your top TEN... lessonko.ws

    Am I that influential? Thanks again more power and continue on hitting that keyboard.


  11. Hello Hecky. This is to mark your entry as complete. Please don't forget to confirm your attendance for August 11. Thank you!