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A FEW WEEKS AGO I was not able to attend my blog subscribers demand because my mind was trap in the middle of the national media fault-finding character and sensationalism -- airing controversy of the senate hearing about the ZTE deal scandal and the Lozada’s campus tour. I was then excited about the political revolts that will take place, thinking of Gloria Arroyo will resign. Obviously, I was amiss of my anticipation.

Those few weeks, the Manila-based media downplay the Arroyo’s political crisis, putting Gloria on spotlight. They take advantage of the anti-GMA sentiments. Media reports are flooded with negative thoughts, resentments, governance failure, and pessimism of the working class. It is a mark of just how poisonous the political situation in Metro Manila has become that the economic crisis of the country is being blamed on the opposition move for GMA resign!
The media reports illustrates two things: political nightmare and economic darkness. In both cases, signs of distress were recognized, but the response was dilatory. The bad news is always at the top of the headline.

Unfortunately, the media will always look for problems, and very silly to find for solutions. This is because, big media networks is earning more profit from negative issues and scandalous reports. For them: BAD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

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