One step ahead for this year

The 2009 will be a great year to make a difference for our fragile environment. Given today’s high cost of living and very low income, those who are supposed to feed the cities cannot even afford to feed their families. The issue of low income has always been a facet of the farmers’ sad plight.

The agricultural sector has not changed throughout the years. Despite past efforts to redistribute land and undertake necessary reforms, most farmers are still poor and remain chained to the land they till.

We need to take a lesson from the eagle. Its habitat is the forest. If we degrade the forest, we endanger the eagle’s existence. This only shows that agriculture is the backbone of our economy. If we don’t take care of our farmers, our basic need will ultimately menace.

Our economic security depend much on the security of our environment. If we make our environment unsafe, we endanger human existence.

Are we now following the fate of the eagle?

New Year 2009