Proutists reunion with Dadaji

THE joy of that Proutists’ reunion place in the significance of recollections behind every event brought to the forefront. Although it was 25 years back, I remember when Dada Pranakrsnanda actively mobilized young people of Maharlika (Philippines) to get involve as local volunteer in the spread of PROUT ideology. I was then one of those student activists who were initiated by Dadaji to learn Ananda Marga meditation and yoga in the early days of 1982.
Those attending my workshop have improved the quality of their meditation and resolved difficulties that have demanded attention for years. -- Dada Prana

Dada Prana is one of the speaker during the Southeast Asia Conference of Ananda Marga Yoga Society held in Davao City last May 1 to 4 this year. Dadaji give a lecture and workshop on “Mantra Therapy” -- the meditation process on how to expand the mind as well as to liberate emotions.

How rewarding it was to see old-time Proutists over the years – some still easily recognizable, others bearing the strains of time with shining pates and wrinkled brows. But they all know Dada Prana. And everybody could call many by their Sanskrit name.

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